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We have arrived in a phase in which the computer and the paintbrush entered a partnership, paint is converted to pixels, digital cameras made their entry to capture a part of the image and advanced printing techniques ensures that the work finds its way back to physical appearance at the time of the old masters. Developments that – after the necessary struggle – collaborate harmoniously. The tools are in essence of no importance, it is the hand that wields these tools that’s crucial. A new era might evolve brush and paint, but the emotion an image holds can only be achieved when one works with feeling. Rhythm, colour, composition and on-going considerations with which one can resonate, creating a process where the work may lead the viewer into a dimension where time and resources are momentarily insignificant… 


Johnny and Kyrah de Wit

Nederlandse versie van deWit2


2011: Inspired by Kyrah’s self-portraits began our search for a possible collaboration, in which the goal was to keep the identity of her work intact. Processes were researched, structures were created – using several materials; paint, sea salt, paper, a camera, pictures, crayon, wax, pencil, charcoal, fabrics, cardboard, water, sand, stone, glass, glazing, wood, metal and an ever increasing stream of resources. It soon became clear that this chemistry resulted in harmonious images we both felt at ease with. Thus was created the theme: Contemplation.


John was born as the 11th child on the 10th of December 1964 in Dordrecht, The Netherlands. There’s been a fascination for stories since as long as he can remember – attention-claiming events you can willingly give in to, floating to areas still invisible to the eye. Observing from a distance, then in the middle of the movement; drifting on emotions. Whether it’s about stories that are written down or emerging from music, dance or movies, or about the frozen expressions of sculptures and paintings; all of these feed the way he looks at the world, widens his awareness and stirs the need to create. Life is an accumulation of events, filled with stories that can be displayed by various disciplines. Various disciplines, but to him, the process is always the same: creating, the arising of something new. A feeling of freedom and emptiness in which the thoughts can be sculpted in peace is necessary for him to obtain insights and stimulate growth, to deepen connections and make new ones. A propelling, inner urge that keeps claiming his attention and that needs to be answered. This is why he does not want to be restricted to just one discipline. He plays and composes music – his main instruments are conga’s –, and his love for the piano resulted in cautiously exploring this instrument as well. He writes stories, paints, designs and has a strong affinity with philosophy. He married Susanne de Wit-Knoote on the 2nd of July 1987, and on the 5th of November 1993 their lives were enriched with a daughter, Kyrah.


Born on the 5th of November 1993 in Dordrecht, The Netherlands, Kyrah became fascinated with stories at a very young age – whether it were books, music, images or people. She reads almost everything she can get her hands on, enjoys observing people, adores looking at art, old buildings, watching movies, and thanks to her music-filled childhood she likes listening to music; which recently resulted in a love for playing the piano. Enthusiastic about photography since she was little, Kyrah got her first professional camera from her parents on her 15th birthday. After that, she and her camera morphed into an inquisitive, beeping and clicking creature with a lens for eyes – trying to catch as many stories and emotions as she could.


Being awfully insecure – then why make self-portraits? Starting as a way to practice her photography skills, it gradually became a way to express herself and open up in a way she could never manage doing to an actual human being. Her father John, picking up this insecurity and intrigued by these self-portraits, proposed to start a collaboration with him; resulting in the works that are displayed on this site.



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